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Our services are designed to assist your body with acute and chronic ailments, which may include: High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Menstrual and Menopausal complaints, Cancer and so much more. While most of you are on several medications, we will carefully help you incorporate and/or integrate our unique recommendations and services for your specific needs.



Old age is a worn out, toxic, run down, weak and unhealthy state and/or appearance of our body, which affect our outward appearance. We design specialized programs to Cleanse, Rebuild and Reverse your Aging process, naturally!



Detoxification and Renewal Programs

You wash the outside of your body everyday (hopefully), but we rarely wash or cleanse the inside of our bodies. We help you to cleanse the inside of your body. Our program includes: Dietary Planning, Herbal Cleansing and Re-building, Water Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, and more...


Sugar and Caffeine Cleanse
Are you addicted to Sugar and/or Caffeine? Learn how to control and eliminate one or both of these deadly beasts.



Specialized Cleansing

Depending on your situation, we can supervise you through a Liver, Kidney and/or Gallbladder flush. Our program also includes: Heavy Medal Cleansing (lead, mercury, and environmental toxins), Anti-parasitic Cleanse, Lymphatic Cleanse and Colon Cleanse.


Health Screenings
Our body gives us external signs of what is happening internally in our bodies. For example, when your skin and eyes, turn bright yellow, this may represent Liver issues. Our screening process provides a comprehensive analysis utilizing Iridology, Reflexology, Pulse Diagnosis, Skin and Hair Analysis, Muscle and Nerve Responses, Body Structures and so much more...



Weight Loss
Our weight loss programs are not a one size fits all approach. We create programs based on your life style, eating habits, healthy history, medications,  motivation and personal goals. We will also guide and supervise you through this stressful process.



Hydro Herbal Therapy
Hydro Herbal Therapy is a process of cleansing, detoxifying, rebuilding and re-balancing our body by externally utilizing specialized Herbs and Water Treatments. These treatments include: Foot Detoxification, Hot and/or Cold Pack Therapy, Clay and Herbal Wrap Therapy and Blood Washing Therapy.


Supervised FASTING
We hear so much about the benefits of FASTING and/or Liquid Dieting for weight loss, but we know very little about the extraordinary healing benefits of FASTING for acute and chronic diseases. We know even less about 'how to FAST properly.' Well fear no more, we will design, supervise and guide you on the proper techniques of FASTING based on your physical and emotional needs.



Dietary Planning
Changing your lifestyle? This is NOT a weight loss program. Although you will loose Fat and Poisons from your body, our Dietary Planning is designed for those individuals who need assistance in changing their diet or lifestyle because of: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Anemia, Acid Reflux, Memory Loss, Arthritis and Cancer. We will take into consideration the variety of Medications that you are presently taking by integrating our programs into your life.


Stress and Anxiety
Anger, stress, agony, bitterness, worry, grief, and depression can and will create disruptive/negative blockages. These disruptive/negative blockages or negative energies can build up in our bodies and minds and over a period of time become buried in our subconscious which can create cellular damage, high blood pressure, heart disease, accelerated aging and premature death. We will teach you how to rebuild your body, mind and emotions, utilizing not only Supplements and Herbs, but also through Healing Sounds, Exercises, Breathing Techniques, Attitude Adjustments and Creative Visualization.

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