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wanda-s-phone-pics-447.jpgDr Wanda Ingram - Savannah, GA

 I moved to Savannah, Ga last year for my job. Once I was settled in, I began to get sick a lot with sinus infections. Anyone that lives in Savannah knows sinus infections are usually common. Every other month I was getting sick with these sinus infections. By the end of the school year, I was very tired of getting sick. Therefore, for the summer I went back to Atlanta to work my summer job. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Tates. After meeting with him, I purchased the Vinegar of the Four Thieves in July of 2015.

After returning to Savannah at the end of July, I begin taking a tablespoon of the product every day and sometimes twice a day. I can truly say I have not had a sinus infection since I have been taking this product. It is now October and I still I have not had any sinus infection. This product is AWESOME, and I swear by it. Thanks, Dr. Tates for helping me.


 Cured my PLEVA! - Elizabeth, Atlanta, GA


Hi I got a skin biopsy in May that came back PLEVA. It spread to my whole body and was completely covered. After going to 2 different dermatologists to get the same answer and same erythromycin prescription (i never filled them). I then went to a natural herbalist. Dr. Stephen Tates in Atlanta, GA, and he cured me!!!! I am completely rash free. He took a full body rash, to not even a trace of it in less than 2 months. He had me drink 4 Thieves Vinegar, he brewed it himself but there are recipes online, 1-2 teaspoons, 3 times a day. Also cut all sugar out of your diet, refined sugar, white flour, carrots, really sweet fruit, fried food and potatoes. Bacteria and viruses feed off sugar and it is easier to treat the disease without also feeding it. Drink lots of water to flush your system. Don't stop as soon as the rash goes away, the rash is the symptom of the disease. You need to continue to get it completely out of your system.That is it. I couldn't be happier. Please look into it. I was so discouraged when my biopsy results came back and I read all the forums. There is a cure!!! I attached picture of my PLEVA (it was all over my body, that is just my arm), the PLEVA healing, and now my arm completely cured 2 months later.


11.png   D. White - Beverly Hills, CA

   "Hello All, I am patiently awaiting my recent order for the Herbal Fat

    Burner & Herbal Blood Tonic! I have taken the Fat Burner for

    approximately 3 to 4 months, and the Blood Tonic for about (2) months.  I am more than pleased with both products. I feel great & have more energy than I've had in years! I have lost a lot of weight (including my double chin), and I no longer have pain in my knee (due to arthritis), and no swelling in my ankles anymore. My pants are falling-off! I need to have them all altered.

I've told many of my friends and co-workers about these wonderful products, and I hope more people will give them a try! $30.00 per month for each, especially when we're all on super budgets now, seems like a lot....but, when you feel much better and look much better, you don't even notice or care about the price. Also, I am looking forward to continuing to take the Herbal Blood Tonic, in hopes that it will assist in lowering my cholesterol. I intend to re-visit my doctor for additional blood tests to determine exactly how much my cholesterol points have improved. Believe me, it's ALL good..."


22.png   Pastor Robert C. Moore - Austell, GA

   "I have been using the Herbal Blood Tonic for almost a year. Whenever

    I run out of it, I often felt lethargic and somewhat lacking in energy."



Pat Coffa - Decatur, GA

"Before I started taking the Herbal Blood Tonic, I did not have energy and felt tired, and sluggish, but since I have taken the Blood Tonic, I have energy and it keeps me going! I can tell the difference in the way I feel. I have recommended it to a friend, after telling them about how good I felt."


N. Outlaw - Norcross, GA

"I initially started using the Herbal Tonic for Women (WT) for approximately 3-5 months and saw great results within 2 months! However, due to unrelated issues, I stopped taking the Women's Tonic for 3 months. I realized that I began experiencing old PMS symptoms. I had to restart with the WT, and in less than 30 days, I experienced wonderful changes during my menstrual cycle with no PMS misery."

J. Roddy - Atlanta, GA

"Dr. Tates, I wanted to thank you for putting on that fabulous health seminar on Ancient Healing Techniques last Saturday. I felt so privileged that I got to learn these incredible healing techniques. You are a good teacher, and also very humorous. Please, please, pretty please do some more seminars on natural healing... very few people today even know about these things. My health has dramatically improved because of your sound advice. You look so much younger than your age and have a good mental outlook on life. Some say, 'Don't listen to anyone in any field unless they are getting the results you want.' You certainly embody true health, happiness and success. You are REAL!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!"


44.png   Debbie DeLoach - Covington, GA

   "All of my clients, including myself, love the Tonics. When my clients

    run out, they call me saying, 'I don't feel well... where is my juice?  I

    need my stuff!' We all have energy, look good and we feel great! When

I travel my ounces goeswith me, I don't start my day without it.  Thank you!"


Carol Nance - Atlanta, GA

"While sitting on my patio on a Tuesday afternoon in October, I was bitten by a spider on my left calf. Both foot and calf were swollen because of an infection. Debbie introduced me to Dr. Tates Herbal Blood Tonic and it eliminated the effects from the bites!"


Jonathan Hurley - Atlanta, GA

"I've been taking Dr. Tates Tonics for two months and I've noticed a change in my stress level and I am absolutely perkier! Being in grand discovery has been wonderful experience for me."


Anonymous - Dallas, TX

"I have had several medical problems: thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, and hormonal imbalance. Since I've been taking Dr. Tate's Herbal Tinctures & Tonics, I feel terrific! I also feel very stimulated towards a more healthy sexual appetite."


Victoria Peoples - Atlanta, GA

"Thank you, Dr. Tates! I am so excited abut the Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Women. About 6 months ago, I had surgery, which caused my menstrual cycle to stop completely. But on August 1st, my cycle started and lasted for almost the entire month. I told one of my dear friends of the pain and anguish that I was experiencing and she immediately shouted 'Dr. Tates' Herbal Tonic! I had no clue what she was referring to. However, the next day, she brought some of the tonic to work and I took it for two days! Two days! My cycle stopped and there was absolutely NO cramping whatsoever. Now, I'm purchasing a bottle of the Herbal Blood Tonic to send to my mother for swelling and arthritis. I can't wait to get her report. You don't know how much you have helped me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


66.png   Michell Pattman - Duluth, GA

   "Dr. Tates, I wanted to let you know the herbal blood tonics are

    wonderful. I had been under so much pressure for the last six month,

    and I was not eating correctly.  My blood pressure was going up

occasional, and I was urinating regularly. When I got my income tax check, I went to Atlanta, Georgia, and I brought the herbal blood tonic and within a weeks time, I felt a difference. The tumors in my urethras began to soften, and I am not urinating a often, so that means the salt and the sugar is leaving my body. The herbal blood tonics a life saver, but a person also has to have good nutrition."


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