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Frequently Asked Questions:


Which Tonic should I start with?

As a rule of thumb, I recommend  that you start with the Herbal Blood Tonic.  This Tonic will help improve your circulation, reduces  welling, numbness, rebuild energy while removing Cholesterol, Sodium, Sugar, Alcohol and Drugs.  You may take the Herbal Blood Tonic with the Herbal Fat Burner, Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Men or the Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Women.  The Herbal Blood Tonic will enhance the other Tonics.  If you are looking to cleanse your body in a hurry, start with the Doc's Detox.  This Tonic is designed to Cleanse and Detoxify your Blood and Urinary Tract of Alcohol, Drugs, and other Chemicals in a hurry!


Why are the Tonics "Bitter" tasting?

The Bitter components of Herbs are far more effective & quicker to assist our bodies in cleansing the Blood, Urinary Tract and Glandular System.  When you add Sweeteners you loose about 60% of the strength. Your taste buds will adjust to these wonderful Herbal Tonics within the week.  Just keep taking them and remember  -  "Bitter But Better."


Can I take the Tonics while I'm on Prescription Medication?

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, the Herbal Blood Tonic and/or Doc's Detox will cleanse out the accumulated waste and toxins left in your body from the Medication. This will happen without clashing with your medication.


Can I mix the Tonics?

Yes. You can easily take two or three different Tonics at the same time. Each Tonic will enhance the other!


Dr. Tates' Helpful Tips:

Virtually all body functions require water: digestion, absorption, circulation, detox, sweating, transportation of nutrition, building of body tissues and maintaining body temperature.  These functions would be impossible without water.


Water - Life's Secret ingredient!

 Try to drink half your body weight in ounces daily!

Example: If you weight 150 lbs, drink 75 ounces daily = 8 bottles of water daily. Spread this out throughout the day.


Try our All Natural Herbal Tonics:

Herbal Tonic                                                          

Doc's Detox

Herbal Fat Burner

Herbal RevitalizerTonic for Men                       

Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Women        



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